Email with SMTP, SSL, AUTODISCOVER and other news

From today your mailboxes are more complete, simple and secure, thanks to the free upgrade of all our standard mailbox services!

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Email with SMTP, SSL, AUTODISCOVER and other news

Today, there will be an expansion of the services included in all Standard mailboxes, which will make them more complete, simple and secure; furthermore, these improvements will resolve various mobility problems for users.

SMTP service for outgoing mail

The most important upgrade has to do with the addition of the custom SMTP service on all standard mailboxes, which will allow you to send emails regardless of the provider you are connected to.
In fact, we have resolved the problems caused by the new business policies of many of the largest Italian providers that are reducing the offer and quality of their SMTP services.
For all you clients who have problems sending emails, from today you will be able to set up Dominiando's SMTP server and send up to 25 emails per hour without any additional cost, even in SSL encrypted mode.
The server configuration data is as follows:

With SSL (recommended)

  • Server:
  • Port: 465

Without SSL

  • Server: smtp.nameofthedomain.tld*
  • Port: 25

*change with your domain name

In addition, authentication must be set on the server using the same POP3 or IMAP data as login and password.

SSL connection for all email services

To connect to your POP3, IMAP and SMTP servers, today you can choose to use SSL encryption, making your communications even safer.
The data for SSL connections is as follows:

  • IMAP Server: on port 993
  • Server POP3: on port 995
  • Server SMTP: on port 465

Server-to-server communications are also always secure with TLS encryption to provide you total protection from sender to recipient and vice versa.  

AUTODISCOVER server for a simpler configuration

On all email domains, Standard as well as AbigBox, we have activated the AUTODISCOVER server to make it easier for you to configure your mail clients, so you just need to remember the email and the respective password in the most popular mail clients that support this service.  
You do not have to do anything to activate it since it is already operational on your mail domains!

If you have any questions or would like to have more details, don't hesitate to contact us.

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